Bretonnian Catapults

I completed an old project of mine: introducing field artillery to my armies.
I know, it is not very Bretonnian and it is against the rules of chivalry.
But you can be sure that these catapults will be used only against other warmachines, shooting units and lowborn massed infantry formations. All the enemy heroes, cavalrt and monsters will be faced ony by my Knights

I converted two Mantic Undead catapults to use them in my Bret army. They have been "restored" and the screaming skulls removed, as well as several spikes.
I've chosen catapults instead of trebuchets, as the latter are fixed siege artillery and do not fit IMO in a field battle.

Each catapuly, by tradition, belongs to one of the twin fortress of the De Rochefort's main keep: Domanne and Berme. The heraldry of the two castles are depicted on the shields hung on them.
Nowadays both catapults are manned by Berme's crew, only an old and experienced yeoman craftman from Domanne has the honour to oversee the operations, even though his sight is not good anymore as it was in the past.

The dog companion from the Bretonnian plastic sprue has been painted as a fox terrier. I love it.


Bretonnian Herrimaults

The six Herrimaults are ready!
I plan to increase the unit up to a 10 strong men in order to play it with Kings of War and 9th Age.

By now they are ready to be used as Bidowers in Lion Rampant.

I used natural colours and I wanted to give them a kind of coherent look.
I also avoided to use bright green shades as often used in 80's Robin Hood's "marrimen" clothing.


Bretonnian Herrimaults / Forest Hunters

My next project is a small unit of Herrimaults.

The "command group" is composed by Bertrand le Brigand, Hugo le Petit and Gui le Gros.

The rest of the unit will be a mix of other "rapscallion-looking" models. I have some Revolting peasants from Foundry. Plus I converted an old Bret archer and gave it a more "outlaw-looking" head.

Then I needed a 10th model.
I wanted to use a Bretonnian model. So I went back to my 5th ed bits box and saved another old Bertrand's archer.
The pose was the typical 5th ed plastic one, so I went with the cutter and I removed the head and both arms.
I used a 6th ed plastic archer head, as I did on the archer in the photo above, plus a pair of Mordheim/Empire Militia archer arms.
I am very satisfied how I could save this old model and I gave it a new life.
Those 5th ed plastic archers are very cheap to find on ebay, I am thinking of converting more of them.

The unit will be played
in Kings of War as the Brotherhood Swain's Villein Rangers,
in Lion (and Dragon) Rampant as Bidowers scouts.
in 9th Age as Brigands with a Castellan Hero.


Bretonnian Brigands Part 2

Here it is my unit of Brigands!
The Perry models were easy to paint, they are neat and clean, the details on the miniature perfect. The brush goes by itself on the crisp parts, without much risk of mistakes.
I also love the good human proportion of the models.

To paint them as seen in the old 4th edition Rule Book made the whole session like a "historical research" inside the Warhammer miniatures history.
I never did something like this. Usually I invent my own painting scheme, themed ether with De Rochefort's blasons or Quenelles' Army. But this time I had a precious old book to copy from. It was a mix between historical wargaming and religious reverence


Bretonnian Brigands

Here it is my next project:
Bretonnian Brigands, aka L'Hommes du Renault.

I bought the new (and amazing) Perry's French infantry from their Agincourt range.
The fit perfectly with the 5th ed Bretonnian models (being sculpted by the same 3 hands  )

Looking at the weapon options I got the idea of reproducing a unit I always loved, but could never have the original models.

This one:

I've always liked the idea of Bretonnian men-at-arms armed with two hands weapons.

Now, with the Perry's kit, I can make them. 

With a litte research, I found the original name and painting scheme for this unit:

I have even found their 3rd edition Bretonnian Army entry:

Now, so well motivated by the new models and the "newly found" Oldhammer rules and pictures, I converted the 10 models for my new unit.
Here you are!

Rulewise, they will be a good counter-charge 10-men Troop. 


Salute 2016

I had the opportunity to travel to London this year to attend the show Salute. 
It was an impressive miniatures fair. Like I never saw before. 
I would only complain that it lasted only one day and I could not see everything I wanted. 
It should defenitely last two days, Saturday AND Sunday.

I could see first hand all the beautiful kits I only knew from internet. 

I enjoyed the new Renedra plastic castle. It costs a bit, but it is worth its money.


I met my idols, the creators of the most beautiful Warhammer and historical miniatures:
The Perry twins.
Sadly they refused my proposal of marriage...

My Iron hands T-shirt was not enough...
Nevertheless, we bought enough boxes to make our own Hundred Years War.
(Those models are from the creator of the Bretonnian miniatures range!)

As a player of both Secrets of the Third Reich and Dust, I was very curious about the new Konflikt '47 game. It will use the easy and fast Bolt Action rules and it will be released this summer.

The show was full of beautiful gaming tables, like this one about Agincourt:

As I said it was great to see in person the companies' product, as many things cannot be shown on internet, like this Zinge Industries conversion kit for the GW Taurux:

In the evening we had the chance to met, in the hotel pub, some people who attended the fair during the day.
Here we are with Angel Giraldez, the first painter of the Infinity games.

And then we met the moderator of Beasts of War.

It was a great day!
I can't wait to paint my new models!

 Warmonger Miniatures

Catapult Crew from Wargames Factory 

Goblin from North Umbrian Tin Soldiers

and many more...


Peasant Militia

I finished a unit I've been working on since many years.

I 've always loved the idea of a unit of lowly villains, covered in mud, fighting with forks and clubs.

I started collecting models since I discovered that such a unit was already present in the original Bretonnia 3rd edition army.
In that time the militiamen were called Rascals and it depicted a cheap, low Ld, low WS troop.
I like the size of unit as well, from 20 to 60 models!
They are the human goblins indeed. Interesting to notice that a Bretonnian army had to include at least a unit of them.

The unit was updated years later on White Dwarf 137, when it became a more general Feudal Levy. The unit size was "reduced" to maximum 40 models and got access to some weaponry.

I collected many different models in order to form this unit. There are few old Citadel miniatures, but the majority comes from Wargames Foundry Armed Peasants.
With its Questing Knight relic shield as banner (topped by a wooden doll of the Lady) and its smith champion, the unit is now ready to fight (or at least die trying to) in my army alongside more regular infantrymen.
I use them in Kings of War as Militia Mob in the Kingdoms of Men army list or as Villein Plowshares in the Brotherhood list.


Standard Bearer on Pegasus

After two months of not-constant painting, I have finished it.
I have to admit that the last painting hours were quite boring, I could not stand seeing that model anymore.
But now I can enjoy all the efforts I made on this imposing model.

I introduce you to Sir Redemond, a relative of Tancred II himself.
He has the honour to carry the Quenelles' banner when the Duke rides his Hippogriff over the Massif Orcal hunting greenskins and other monsters.

The models fit perfectly in a unit of Pegasi Knights thanks to its modified wings position.


more peasants

Other four militiamen join the rank of my "peasant levy".
Even if in the Brotherhood list the Plowshares are best fielded in hordes of  40 or even better of 60 men, my aim is to paint a unit of 20 to add to my already large infantry collection.
Another small group and my painting objective will be accomplished!

Please note how puny and ineffective are the two old men. I love the idea that this cannon fodder is completely worthless as a fighting force, but it will be employed mostly to slow down the enemy (with their own carnage). That will allow a tactically successful Knights countercharge,
if they do not run away too early...
Another use could be a secondary line of reinforcements. They are dirtly cheap and can be easily added to an army. The enemy will probably ignore them, so they could survive enough to add their number in a combat involving knight units that did not overrun the enemy lines. Even with their poor stats, a side charge of the militiamen can be devasting if it arrives in the right moment.


Knights Errant

I have finished the two Knights Errant!
They wear a simple horse barding with the heraldic shield of their family.
As prescripted in the 5th ed Bretonnian Army Book: Knights Errant cannot have blazons till they become Knights of the Realm.
So do Knights Errant in my army.
The upper bodies come from the 5th ed. metal Knights Errant, while the legs and the warhorses are from the 6th ed plastic Knights.

They are being used as "Villain Initiates" in "the Brotherhood" list with the Kings of War ruleset.